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23 Mar

Are Ahad Raza Mir and Maya Ali the hot, new onscreen pair?

We love Coke ads not just because they’re made well but also because they usually give us something to feel good about and think about. The ad that released yesterday – featuring man of the moment Ahad Raza Mir – along with Maya Ali, has us hooked to the ‘chai ko thand kara dein’ punchline; as Coke loyalists, we can think of nothing better than a chilled bottle to beat the heat that we’re up for in summer.

The ad has also gotten us thinking why it features the odd pair of Ahad and Maya, whereas it’s Ahad and Sajal that are trending at the moment. If memory serves us right, we did initially hear that Ahad and Sajal were being cast for the ad. What changed, we’ll never know but what we do know is that this ad positions Ahad and Maya as a potential on-screen couple.

Here’s how.



The new Coke ad has been directed by Asim Raza, who also directed the TUC ad several years ago. That ad cast Mahira and Fawad together for the first time and this was before they did Humsafar. In fact, many people believe that Fawad and Mahira were cast for Humsafar after their pairing in the TUC ad got so much positive feedback.

The same can be said for Mahira and Sheheryar Munnawer, who recently appeared in the last Coke ad we saw. Dancing to the beats of ‘Tinak Dhin’ to a Shadi Aur Hum theme, many of us were mistaken into thinking that this was a prelude to Asim Raza’s upcoming film. It was not, but it did give us a teaser of how they would look together in 7 Din Mohabbat In.

 Back to this ad, we like the chemistry Ahad and Maya share. We’re taken to a swanky neighborhood where Maya is moving in and Ahad sprints over to help her move her cartons. He notices boxes full of tea cups and assumes she’s a tea-lover, which is why he rushed back home and returns with a steaming cup of tea.



‘Chai ko thand kara dein,’ she says, pushing his hand away and reaching out for a Coke. The teacups she has turn out to be mini planters. The punchline has impact.

We reached out to Asim Raza, to share the experience of working with Ahad and Maya.

“As a director, the only characteristic I look for, in an actor, is to behave “professionally” in the workplace,” he said. “If you want to get ahead, be taken seriously, and have your director think of you as an asset to the team, doing things in a professional way is vital.
And I am pleased to say that Maya and Ahad both were a treat in this regard. Me and my team did not have a single complain. They were working together for the very first time, but the way they gave respect and support to each other was most impressive and commendable.”

Watch the ad here…

Zaalima Chai Ko Thand Kara De, Coca-Cola Pila De

Iss garmi main Zaalima chai ko thand kara de, Coca-Cola pila de!#ZaalimaCocaColaPilaDe#ChaiKoThandKaraDe

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