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26 Feb

Ahmed Ali Butt reveals he was tested positive for coronavirus

Multitalented artist, Ahmed Ali Butt who was previously in the news for his international film debut, Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi has recently revealed that he had contracted coronavirus and it was a horrible experience.

“I have been in quarantine for a better 2 weeks of my life after getting COVID +ve, in a country not my own and with people who didn’t understand me,” he shared adding that it has been an extremely challenging experience for him.

“This has been the most isolated and challenging experience of my life as I didn’t have anyone,” he wrote adding he was, however, lucky to have a decent living and eating arrangement.

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He went on to share that he was not prepared for a life in isolation and is glad that it is over.

“But the isolation was something that I wasn’t prepared for at all. Your mind has the tendency to be your best friend and your worst enemy and mine had a field day with me.”

While these might not have been the best days of his life, he thanked Allah for the blessings. “Thank you Allah for this eye-opening isolated experience that I would not wish anyone to go through.”

In the long post, Ahmed appreciated everything that his wife, Fatima Khan does for him and also thanked all his well-wishers.

“I am back in my country and with my wife and son and recovering. Thank you to all the people who found out and stayed in touch during my madness. It means a lot. Allah keep you all healthy and never alone,” he concluded.


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