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1 Jul

Update: Ahsan Khan will be part of the star cast of drama serial Alif

Ahsan Khan has a huge fan following and the credit goes to his continuous hard work, passion and dedication. However, despite years of experience along with immense talent, the actor still believes he’s got a lot more to learn and prove. Ahsan has won both, acceptance and praise, but like many who are successful in their fields, he too firmly believes that learning is an ongoing process and your only competition is with your prior self.



“I will not be performing at the HUM Awards this year because I have new things to learn,” revealed the Udaari star, stating that he will be leaving for the UK next week and will not be in Pakistan.

Curious to know what he’s travelling for, we asked him about his work commitments. “I’ve joined a 40 day workshop in the UK in which I’ll be learning more about acting, sniper shoot and kickboxing among other things.”

Sounds interesting! We’d really like so see how the workshop enhances his acting further! As for a message for his younger co-stars and colleagues, Ahsan stresses on the importance of persistence. “Do not let fame get to your head and keep learning new things in order to better your existing position. ”

That’s some wonderful advice indeed! Other than travelling for this course Ahsan will be seen in 2 films; Rehbra and a feature film that is being shot abroad, along with  3 upcoming plays! While everyone knows about his period play, Aangan and Mariam Parera, a drama based on the Christian minorities in Pakistan, he might also star in Alif as one of the leads along with Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly and Kubra Khan. 


Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.