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23 Jul

Ahsan Khan is looking for light after Udaari

ahsan khan

After his highly acclaimed performance in Udaari, Ahsan Khan has been kind of amiss from our screens. Other than the odd TVC here or there, we saw him hosting a Ramzan transmission for PTV, but we wondered when his cinematic ventures Chupan Chupai and Rehbara, alongside Neelam Munir and Ayesha Omar respectively, would be revealed to the world. Our curiosity called for a catch-up session with the actor!

We asked Ahsan when we’d be seeing more of him on the screen, and were told that he will be hosting a game show related to sports and activities for kids, for a Unilever brand. “One major reason for hosting it is that I wanted my kids also to participate in a few such games…nowadays the sports culture for children is dependent on what they watch on television or play on their Xbox.” Ahsan felt.

Ahsan khan

Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omar on the sets of Rehbara

Meanwhile, the actor is also dubbing for his role in an upcoming animated film called Tick Tock, which is under works by a new team of filmmakers. “And I have also signed my first play after Udaari, which is by Ehtesham who also made the same,” we were informed.

To top that off, the actor also has a standing offer for a theatre play in London, “It’s a rendition of a Pakistani folk story which will be in English, in the UK…so I’m looking into that right now.”

Coming back to his films, Ahsan told us that the trailer for Chupan Chupai will be launched soon, followed by that of Rehbara, and if things go according to plan the movies will be released around the end of this year. Both films, we were told, are fun, light-hearted stories. “My character for Udaari was so dark and strenuous and I shot for that for a year, after that I wanted to do something light, casual and happening. So I really enjoyed shooting and dubbing this (Chupan Chupai), and Rehbara too has been shot really well. I’m sure these films will not disappoint the viewers.”

“My films will not be like TV dramas” – Ahsan Khan

So Ahsan Khan fans rejoice! Looks like we’ll be seeing lots from the actor this coming year.

Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.