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9 Nov

Ahsan Khan on style statements and actors with a ‘weird’ fashion sense!

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Online multi-brand portal ‘Fashsouq’ held a lavish launch in Karachi yesterday and in attendance were designers and models along with a few faces we wouldn’t usually associate with fashion. Ali Azmat and Ahsan Khan made appearances in their casual best and we took up the opportunity to ask Ahsan how important fashion is to him as an actor.

“Well, of course, fashion is very important,” Ahsan told us. “People look up to you, people learn from you so you have to keep an eye on the latest trends. But at the same time you should know what suits you; there’s a thin line between being trendy and being slightly NOT trendy!” he said with a laugh.


Ahsan Khan at the launch of ‘Fashsouq’


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“I’m very casual, to be honest, I hate dressing up but obviously when you go out people notice you, even when you don’t want them to,” Ahsan stated when asked about his personal style.

We asked the actor how he feels about celebrities being judged for their fashion choices. Is it too much to expect stars in the spotlight to be able to carry themselves well?

“Well I feel it has to be done that way, it’s natural it can’t be avoided. When people like you they talk about you and watch you, so your clothes, your movement and everything about you is noticed, naturally.”

“I do feel we need to experiment less…at times I see a few people looking really weird, to be honest,” Ahsan mentioned, refusing to elaborate more on who he thinks has a weird fashion sense!


Mariam Tahir

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