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16 Aug

Aisha Khan talks skin care

aisha khan

A busy weekend saw a surprisingly bustling turnout at the launch of Physiogel’s first digital campaign. Held at Cafe Aylanto, which was lit up with garish pink lights, the event revealed the video for the campaign, starring TV actress Aisha Khan, who is also the brand’s ambassador.


aisha khan

Sadaf Kanwal, Alishba Yousuf & Areeba Habib colour coordinating in white

The night went on with Aisha talking (in a strong but inconsistent accent) about the importance of proper skin care regimes and how Physiogel alone substitutes multiple products all in one. This ‘short’ talk between Aisha and host Muzna Ibrahim went on for way too long, in a space that was quite hot and cramped to the brim with an unnecessary amount of media personnel. The fun however, came in when Adnan Malik came on stage.


aisha khan

Adnan Malik hosted a fun question and answer session with Aisha Khan


The model/actor/director/producer (who will be making his big screen debut this year, but more on that later!) went on to hold a fun rapid-fire session with the actress, which lit up the mood and added an entertaining spark to the evening. Claiming that he “was told to put on my best Karan Johar”, Adnan’s hosting skills were nothing like the Bollywood host’s but had their own charm and naturally cool factor. We also found out that Aisha Khan’s favourite Pakistani movies happen to be her own Waar and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani!


aisha khan

The actress stars in Physiogel’s first digital campaign



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