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21 Aug

Ali Gul Pir clarifies his stance on FIA notice

Ali Gul Pir, along with others, has recently been issued a summons notice by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), for making derogatory remarks against a well-known ‘rock-star’ who was accused of harassing an industry peer.

FIA sources earlier revealed that the celebrity who is accused of harassment, reached out to FIA’s cyber-crime wing with complaints about being maligned and defamed online in a ‘pre-planned conspiracy’ against him; the notice issued to Ali Gul Pir and others is in relation to this.

While Iffat Omar, who was also issued a notice, already recorded her statement, Ali Gul Pir also made his own stance on the issue public last night on Twitter, after giving his statement to the FIA.



“A certain celebrity, in this case, feels we can be silenced by being served these notices. Should we go to jail just for voicing our opinion within the boundaries of the law?” he questioned in his statement.

“I was not scared when waderas threatened me, I did not shut up when terrorists threatened me and I did not back down when Modi’s bhakts threatened to kill me. I will definitely not back down because someone can’t take a joke,” Ali said.

He made it clear that he has always fought for freedom of speech within legal boundaries and would continue to do so, and followed his statement up with a tweet cementing it further.





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