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23 Feb

Ali Gul Pir features in a song with 8 international musicians

Ali Gul Pir

When the pandemic hit the world last year, life came to a standstill and many were stranded in foreign countries with no means to travel back home. Comedian and rapper Ali Gul Pir went through a similar situation when he got stuck in Belgium because of COVID travel restrictions in March 2020. He met Nashville singer-songwriter Aaron English and the two immediately hit it off. A year later, Aaron has released a song titled Pride featuring nine international musicians and one of them is Ali Gul Pir.

Ali took to Instagram to introduce the song to his fans:

“In March 2020, while being stuck in Belgium because of COVID travel restrictions, I met Aaron English from Nashville, USA whose Europe tour was now cancelled and we became friends. A year later, 9 musicians (including me) from 8 countries come together to make 1 song – Pride,” Ali wrote.



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Pride features Ali Gul Pir, Nazizi, Mattia Saravo, Vladimir Bodunov, Toby Sanmiya, Matthew Burgess, Henning Pauly, Aaron English and Sam Mehan. Aaron calls Pride a “international collaboration”.

“I started thinking about a international collaboration – something we could all do long distance, at home, with all of our tours cancelled and the recording studios closed,” Aaron wrote.

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Aaron spoke at Samaa TV new shows about his new song alongside Ali. “It was super fun to connect with such warm hosts on the news show and to bridge the culture gap between Pakistan and the States with music!” he wrote on his Instagram.



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You can watch the full song here:






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