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1 Aug

Ali Noor brings together musicians to create a cappella music


As promised by the musician earlier, Ali Noor’s vlog was to serve as a window into the process of his music productions, to get feedback and share his work in progress with the world. Naturally, one part of the Noori duo has made sure he does something interesting for his fans and we’re hooked!

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Recently revealed, Ali Noor has come together with Zoe Viccaji, Rachel Viccaji, Sara Haider, and Ahsan Pervaiz to bring about a capella music in Pakistan. This genre, while sounding wonderful and fun, is created without instruments and relies on vocals to create each sound. It is not easy to ace, but if there is anyone who can do it, Ali Noor can!


ali noor

Ali Noor, along with the rest of the team and musicians who will be bringing us a cappella music


Bringing a new genre to an established music industry is no easy feat and while it’s too early to judge the outcome of this project, it is no doubt going to be welcomed gladly. Along with the assembled team, most of who have been regulars at Coke Studio and are experienced musicians, we know we can at least expect something new and fun. What we are most excited about is Ali Noor saying that they will be producing original music for this project; no more covers!

Watch the musician’s latest and extremely entertaining vlog in which he initiates his fans to the process:



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