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20 Jul

Ali Noor surprises fans with a capella version of ‘Manwa Re’

Ali Noor

Fans of Ali Noor will never forget his chartbuster track Manwa Re even after over a decade. The singer, who had a health scare earlier this month, asked his fans to wait for a surprise following his recovery and he has strung the right nostalgic chords this time.

What better way for Ali Noor to make a comeback with a song that introduced him to music lovers. Ali Noor has just released a capella version of Manwa Re and it is indeed worth listening. Fans of the singer may argue that the original itself was such a memorable composition that nothing can top it off, but this rendition, without any musical instruments, takes us down the memory lane with its pure format.

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Ali Noor


We read “You don’t need instruments to truly express yourselves” when the video starts, establishing that Ali Noor has only used his mouth and voice to produce the sounds.

The song has been released by Strepsils Stereo as part of their second season. The music platform is headed by the singer himself. Watch Manwa Re’s reprised version here and share your thoughts…



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