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13 Sep

My character in ‘Bewafa’ is a complete opposite of what I did in ‘Khaas’: Ali Rehman Khan

Ali Rehman Khan

Ali Rehman Khan is on fire these days. His character Ammar in Khaas is receiving much hatred due to his manipulative nature and how he is mentally abusing his spouse; this displeasure is testament to his acting chops. On the film front, he has given us a romantic-comedy Heer Maan Ja this Eidul Azha which is loved and lauded by the masses.

After portraying different characters one after the other, we expect Ali to surprise us each time. However, the teasers of his upcoming play — Bewafa — depict him as yet another angry and unfaithful spouse. We wondered why a versatile actor like him said yes to a similar role and hence we spoke to Ali to get an insight as to what prompted him to choose Bewafa.


Ali Rehman Khan


Bewafa stars Navin Waqar as Kinza who is playing Ali’s (Ahaan) wife and Ushna Shah (Shireen) is the other woman in the picture. Ali shared that the teasers are serving their purpose i.e. to build mystery around the characters.

“Teasers can always have a certain element of mystery to them. They point in a different direction and are edited in a way to show that it is another narcissistic guy who is unfaithful to his spouse. I didn’t want to do another ‘Ammar’, so of course they’re very different characters. It is a complete opposite of what I did in Khaas,” Ali said.

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“Ahaan is a perplexing character who doesn’t know how to deal with frustrations and stress in his life. I have been told that it happens a lot that many men in our society are not able to share their problems with their spouses or talk about their feelings. They fear that it will result in more quarrels at home. They don’t have anyone to share their worries. When your spouse isn’t listening, sometimes men talk to women because they are more easy to talk to.   When they don’t have an outlet and don’t know what to do, they find solace in unlikely places,” he added.

Ammar in Khaas mentally abuses his wife, but in Bewafa we have so far seen Navin being slapped by Ali twice. We can’t help but wonder if this drama is showcasing the physical abuse in marriages. Ali, however, says that it is not at all the case.

“The physical abuse is not a recurring theme in the play. Oddly, the only two instances that I have used my hand in the play are in the teasers. There are a few situations where men aren’t able to handle frustration; they just end the argument with the use of excessive force which by no means I support. We wanted to show that this happens in real life when men have no other way to win an argument and before they realize it, they raise their hands and later regret,” Ali shared.

Bewafa is all set to air on 16th September on ARY Digital.


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