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11 Apr

Ali Rehman Khan joins hands with WWF as GoodWill Ambassador

Ali Rehman Khan

Pakistani actor Ali Rehman Khan has some big projects to his name. He has shown acting prowess in both, films and television plays and has essayed roles which have contributed towards creating awareness about pertinent social issues. Whether it was his debut play Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se which addressed how women suffer due to orthodox mindsets in our society or his successful film Janaan which subliminally shed light on child abuse, Ali believes in injecting change, slowly and gradually.

In another attempt to give back, he has joined hands with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Pakistan as their Goodwill Ambassador. The actor has teamed up with the WWF Pakistan in order to raise awareness about the preservation of earth’s natural environment and how we can contribute to make our planet a healthy place for all living beings. In a video posted by the non-profit organization, the actor expressed his excitement for this venture.


Ali Rehman Khan

File photo from the announcement video


“I am really excited for what’s next. I know a lot of good work has been done by WWF Pakistan and while I have not been a keen follower in the past due to my work, as a GoodWill Ambassador I will be more invested in the initiatives that are to come and I hope to drive forward the message,” he said.

Previously, he has been an active part of local campaigns such as the popular ‘Jahez Khori Band Karo’ which was against the culture of dowry in Pakistan. With his new role, he aims to responsibly create awareness in the masses about rampant climate change and promote the ideology of reduce, reuse and recycle.

“Pakistan is vulnerable to so many natural disasters and we don’t even realize how the carbon footprint we are leaving on the planet can worsen this current climatic change. It is my pleasure to try and play my part in trying to bring a change and motivate our citizens to conserve energy, reduce waste and raise further awareness for this cause.”


Ali Rehman Khan joins WWF-Pakistan as a Goodwill Ambassador

Team panda welcomes Ali Rehman Khan as a Goodwill Ambassador. Looking forward to working with him to help raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation and draw attention to the fact that human survival is tightly knitted to the health of our planet.

Gepostet von WWF-Pakistan am Mittwoch, 10. April 2019


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