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20 Mar

Ali Sethi live streams his first virtual performance on Instagram

Ali Sethi

Following in the footsteps of international musicians and bands like Coldplay and The Queens, our own favorite Ali Sethi has started live-streaming performances from New York to combat boredom of self isolation due to coronavirus lockdown.

The signer held a long Instagram live jamming session with his fans on Thursday where he sang many songs on viewers’ requests, shared anecdotes from his life and answered queries as well.



This isn’t the first time any Pakistani singer has performed live on Facebook or Instagram, but certainly the first time following the COVID-19 outbreak. The purpose of the ‘virtual concert’ was simple: to entertain the audience who are in quarantine or simply practicing social distancing.



He started off by playing Lata Mangeshkar’s Aap Ki Nazroun Ne Samjha and Lag Ja Galay over a piano. Ali also revealed that he is obsessed with Swineryy (a humorous Instagram account from Pakistan) and tried mimicking some of its characters.



Here are some of the videos of the live session:






Ali even agreed to sing something by Michael Jackson when requested; we certainly look forward to that! 



Viewers thought that his live session was ‘therapeutic’ and ‘meditating’.




It’s not just Ali Sethi; Sajjad Ali also announced on Wednesday to bring music revolution in these testing times and start online concerts. Let’s hope we get to see more and more performances by local musicians.



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