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17 Jun

Ali Xeeshan unveils his De Mariee Collection ‘17

Ali Xeeshan’s newly renovated studio really does blur the lines between abstract and fashion. It also provided the perfect backdrop for a little iftar gathering he hosted earlier this week. So as this casual Wednesday evening unfolded, we surveyed the exhibition room which featured an installation of Xeeshan’s De Mariee collection. The installation would be at home at a museum; a testament to Ali’s commitment to his own style and aesthetic and his ever-evolving craft in the midst of contemporaries who seem to prefer chasing sales.

Just last year Ali proved himself a real contender in the fashion industry with his befitting finale for PLBW. This year he scored another homerun at the PSFW with his luxury prêt collection. The designer truly does march to the beat of his own drum and not only has he swept into the league of premier designers, he has built a brand that is irrepressible.



At the launch of his new collection Ali Xeeshan skipped and shot through his studio with a grin; he certainly seemed excited in his own cautious way. But when it comes to understanding and owning his distinctive style, he seemed sure in his convictions.

“I have never expected everyone to love my work,” said Ali. “Art is subjective and that’s what essentially fashion is too. It’s a way for me to express my thoughts and aspirations and how I want a woman to dress. Women are beautiful, strong beings and that’s what I want my clothes to show. I want them to demand attention for the person that is wearing them.”


It goes without saying, we looked eagerly forward to the designer’s new look, who states his style boldly and evolves even more fearlessly. On this particular evening, Ali Xeeshan Ali Xeeshan wore a lush moustache and stark black attire; simple, yet so effective. Seen here with Alyzeh Gabol.


“These days you don’t see that a lot,” he continued, “I want De Mariee to carry that same legacy forward where they break through the pastels to show how color can be celebrated through fashion, and it’s just beautiful!”

Ali Xeeshan is largely heralded as the man with an unusual aura, the ultimate showman – and as his list of achievements grows, the designer does seem at peace with his newfound place as a media darling.  He truly has found love in a hopeless place. Ali Xeeshan will be showcasing at the PLBW scheduled for later this year, and one thing is for sure, it will be quite a show.







Haider Maqsood

The author is our Haute Lahore Correspondent, who's a part time writer with a full time passion to stay candid and loud!

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