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14 Oct

Ali Zafar reinvents Balochi track Laila O Laila with 12 year old Quetta girl

Ali Zafar recently released his cover of the famous Balochi melody Laila O Laila, featuring a 12-year-old girl, Urooj Fatima, from Balochistan. The talented teenager is also a UNICEF adolescent champion.

Teeming with unbridled excitement, Urooj took to Twitter to share the news and thank her inspiration (i.e Ali Zafar) for working with her.


Ali also used the online platform to appreciate and praise the young singer on her debut.


Ali and Urooj’s rendition of the song is melodious and more upbeat than the original version of the song. Ali has taken the Balochi tune and transformed it into a catchy earworm. The spirited song has a thick texture that uses classical instruments along with more contemporary gear. With vivacious tempo and brisk tune, Ali’s Laila O Laila is a treat for the listeners who want to enjoy classical music with a modern touch.

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The song was released by Ali Zafar’s production house, Lightingale Productions. The 2 minute 53 second-long video acquaints the listeners with the culturally rich province of Balochistan. The video is bristling with mesmerizing shots of the South Western Province of Pakistan, along with some shots of the routine life. It also shows the duo in the music studio enjoying the recording session.

Laila O Laila is originally a Rostam Mirlashari’s song. Rustam is an Iranian-Baloch singer, who is known as the Prince of Balochi Music.


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