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3 Jan

Ali Zafar serenades with ‘Ve Mahiya’ featuring Aima Baig

Even though 2020 proved to be a depressing year overall, artists all over the globe tried their best to add entertainment to our lives through music, movies and art. The year saw some great musical collaborations, both sponsored and unsponsored. Now, the New Year is beginning with Ali Zafar’s song Ve Mahiya featuring Aima Baig.

“One can never forget the moment one fell in love for the first time. Ve Mahiya is a tribute to all the lovers who found each against all odds,” stated the description of the song.

The song opens with poetry in Ali Zafar’s deep, hopeful voice and then proceeds to a beautiful track that looks like a fairytale. The song narrates the pain of missing your beloved and not being able to do anything. It speaks of hope and longing in Ali’s signature style and Aima’s voice adds the perfect soulful touch needed for the track.

Not only is the song pleasing to listen to, it is also a visual treat. Would we like to see Ali Zafar and Aima Baig in a film? We most certainly wouldn’t mind since the two have great chemistry. Other than the new pairing, the location remains the biggest highlight of the video. The song is shot entirely in Pakistan and tempts us to take a trip to Nathia Gali.

Directed by Adnan Qazi, the composition and lyrics are by Hassan Badshah. Listen to the song here:



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