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15 Feb

Ali Zafar plans to get ‘Teefa in Trouble’ at the PSL opening ceremony!

When will the teaser for the much-awaited Teefa in Trouble release? The question that’s been on everyone’s mind has finally been answered! Earlier today Ali Zafar finally revealed that it is set to release on February 22.

But wait, PSL is also kick-starting from February 22 in Dubai and Ali Zafar is already performing there. Does that mean that Teefa teaser will be launched at the PSL opening ceremony?

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We dug into the matter and got the confirmation from the man himself! Ali confirmed to us that the teaser will in fact be released at the opening ceremony of PSL, “The crowd will witness me and Teefa in a never seen before avatar at the PSL Opening Ceremony! I feel it’s going to be a big achievement for our entertainment industry to have a teaser launched at such a huge platform.”

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Well, what can we say? PSL keeps getting bigger and better, engaging those who aren’t even a fan of the sport!


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