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27 Apr

I tried it: Aliya B Spa Shop

You can never have enough of organic products, and that’s something we’ve learned the hard way in the many years of using factory-made soaps and gels that have destroyed the skin’s natural luster. Thankfully, the burgeoning of home-based high-quality brands have really changed the game and brought in a much-needed change. One such example is Aliya Bokhari’s Spa shop, who we’re trying out this week!

In our series of testing out home-based products, we took our chance with ‘Spa products’ this week, and checked out Aliya B’s ‘Spa Foot Cubes,’ ‘Lavender and Tangerine Salt Scrub’, and her ‘French Lavender’ Body Oil.


Spa Foot Cube

Aliya B

Our favourite out of the trio, the foot cube – which is a craggy soap infused with sea salts and minerals, is truly a miracle worker. Cleaning the dead skin off of your feet, the cube really softens and exfoliates like a dream. Having said that, one has to be extremely careful to keep it dry to make sure it doesn’t turn into a mushy mess, because of its non-preservative formula!


Lavender & Tangerine Salt Scrub

Aliya B


Scrubbing is never a bad thing for your body, especially when it can make you feel relaxed – and that’s exactly what we felt with this lavender and tangerine scrub! Apart from the relaxing scents, the scrub’s exfoliating prowess was exemplary – albeit leaving a slight oily residue. Overall, the scrub can and does do wonders for parched skin, and for that it deserves appreciation!


French Lavender Body Oil

Aliya B


Although we’re not so big on body oils and the sort of effect it can have on the body, given Karachi’s sizzling weather, Aliya B’s French Lavender Body Oil does do a better job than most oils. However, make sure that you go with the saying ‘a little goes a long way’, otherwise you’ll end up drying the skin excessively in the weather. Full points on the aroma, though!

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