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15 Jan

‘Muskuraye Ja’ is all about hope in Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor!

After winning the audience’s faith and promising some high-quality animation through its teaser and trailer, the makers of Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor have now released their first song titled ‘Muskraye Ja‘. Originally sung by Zohaib Hassan, the classic has been beautifully recreated by Natasha Humera Ejaz to fit the theme of the movie.

As adults, we know that life is never a walk in the park, that we are regularly faced with disappointments and limitations that can seem impossible to defeat. However, what we need to teach our children is to have hope in order overcome anything that life throws at them, and that is exactly what this song is all about.

‘Muskuraye Ja’  is both an audio and visual treat; not only will the kids enjoy and sing along, grownups too are guaranteed to smile at the chakor who seems to be the real hero and entertainer.

Watch the song below:

Presenting "Muskuraye Ja", by Natasha Humera Ejaz, OST of Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor!Original song by Nazia and Zohaib HassanWe hope you enjoy it! Like, share and tag your friends to let your friends join in on the fun as well!…#AYATLOM #AnimatedFilm #PurelyPakistani #3rdWorldStudios #Allahyar #markhor #gluco #wwf #peakfreans #ARY #GlucoAllahyar #NatashaHumeraEjaz #Mehru

Posted by Allahyar & The Legend of Markhor on Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018


Narrating the story of Allahyar and his endangered animal friends, the movie showcases a tale of their friendship and the trials they face together to fight whatever comes in their way.

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Pakistan is land of the brave; people living through adversity and continuing to survive through continuous war and terror.  With the future in the hands of the next generation, we need to instill hope, courage and fighting spirit into their upbringing and what better medium to educate than this!

The much-anticipated animation, Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor is set to release on February 2nd and we cannot wait to see if it lives up to our expectations!


Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.