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28 Aug

Almirah’s Eid Collection is a blend of heritage, tradition and rich colour play


Walking into the Almirah store this weekend was an intriguing experience. It was transcendence into a galore of attires reminiscent of heritage, tradition and myriad colour play. Standing in the heart of the store, one could feel the ensembles appealing to traditional values, in all their timeless elegance and artistic glory.

We were intrigued by the balance of the clandestine details, imaginative embellishments, hints of autumn colours and embroidered hemlines and sleeves.

Here is what we found interesting about the trends in Almirah’s new collection…

The three piece embroidered lawn collection embodies a ravishing play with an autumn palette, beckoning the start of the season of dusky hues. The eclectic translation of fabric patterns hints at distinct cultural aesthetics and old-school browns toeing subtle reds. The necklines have us winding with the myriad of appealing details. What a masterpiece, truly.


Another trend from the Almirah’s Adeline Luxury Silk Collection may appeal to the traditionalists amongst us. While many women have signed up for contemporary fusion, there are more who are holding onto core values of tradition and this collection is for them. For them there is sophistication in silk, ensuring elegance as well as glamour?


The hemlines support a stunning weave of intricate embroidery and embellishments that can make any women swoon in style. Inspired by the baroque era, the solid blacks do a timeless job at throwing the bold gold patterns to the eyes. And you must not look at the delicate floral diffusion on the dupatta?


How can we go by this Eid without adding innocent pastels to our wardrobe? The pinks are impeccable enough to bloom blossoms in our hearts. Intricate white embroideries add delicate yet sophisticated statements to the attire, making it fit for women of all ages.

Did we know how the earthy browns and the deeper blues could make such a hot trend? These artistic themes and pattern details make a beautiful combination. For the love of the wildest floral and blue, intertwined with the traditional patterns, the gorgeous prints are nostalgic of our heritage and unadulterated culture.


Not many women will be able to resist the utter femininity of some tunics by Tashkent. The rich fabrics, enduring a brilliant contrast of colors throw a luminous torch at the rich Tashkent cultural vibes. The tunics paired with a trendy shalwars, churidaars or trousers and a dangle of thick statement necklaces and Almirah has you all decked for your Eid party.

With Eid bringing festivities into our lives, Almirah has delved deep into the essence of keeping things traditional yet chic with its new collection.


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