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6 Mar

Altaf Maaneshia: Pakistani designer who is making it big internationally


Pakistan-based international designer, Altaf Maaneshia has paved the way for other local designers to dream big. Belonging to a village, Altaf created his own path all the way into the fashion industry, that too internationally. He has studied from local fashion school, Asian Institute of Fashion Design and then completed his masters degree from Polimoda, a private fashion school in Florence, Tuscany.

Initially, Maaneshia started taking on projects from H&M, LVMH, Nordstrom and Patrizia Pepe in Italy. He made his first appearance on screen as a fashion designer and guest judge on America’s Next Top Model, cycle 12, which had the audience in Pakistan stunned. Now, he owns his own luxury retail brand called, Altaf Maaneshia and will soon be launching his streetwear brand, Stitch Bonded.




Altaf Maaneshia’s designs are as charismatic showing how passionate he is for his work. They seem to exemplify trendy high fashion. His work is created with multiple fabrics and showcased as sophisticated, sleek and chic attire with trendy cuts. He also uses a vast range of fabrics for his clothes including cotton, leather, nylon and many more.




He has had multiple runway shows, most notably he was the first Pakistani designer to participate in New York Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. His unique style has always made him stand out and we can’t wait to see what more he has to offer!



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