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4 Mar

American singer Akon performs Umrah

American singer-songwriter, Akon was recently in Saudi Arabia as part of his tour. After the conclusion of his concert, he went on to perform Umrah, a religious pilgrimage for Muslims.

On Tuesday, pictures and videos of him surfaced on the internet where he was seen standing in front of the Ka’abah alongside family and friends.

Before the concert, he talked about being excited about coming to Saudi Arabia and was especially excited to go to one city in particular. “…First thing tomorrow morning, I’m headed to Makkah to perform Umrah,” he said.



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Contrary to popular belief it is not a recent change in religion that has motivated him to perform Umrah. The 46-year-old singer was born into a Muslim family and has been a Muslim since birth. He has also never shied away from showing his religious side by crediting his success to his faith.



He added in his interview that he had been waiting to get to Saudi Arabia for years and he is planning to come back in April this year again.


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