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5 Dec

Ammara Khan gets Karachi to ‘Set itself Apart’

ammara khan

When one thinks of ready-to-wear, the mind involuntarily seems to wander to hackneyed floral lawn tunics. Fortunately we have talented designers like Ammara Khan who are working tirelessly to redefine the meaning of pret and make it a more high quality experience.

The designer launched her first ready-to-wear line just last month in Lahore, with a praise-worthy digital exhibition. This weekend, the designer brought her collection to Ensemble Karachi, showing us exactly what we were missing out on!

Racks of sleek and aesthetically sound outfits were soon left empty, thanks to Ammara’s loyal clientele. Divided into three categories: tribal, geometric and floral, each piece had a unique element making it stand apart from your ordinary pret wear. A smart red and white cotton tunic with a satin bow to make it an overlapping wrap shirt, smart denim trousers with a fringed hem and a raw silk floral top with a tulle collar were some of the many eye-catching pieces.


ammara khan

The designer shows us two of her personal favourite pieces


“I do things with and how I want to allow the brand to progress. I don’t do things with a gun to my head that now I need to do this or that. It felt natural now. I’d been approached a few times for people to do prints for them and I felt I could not get into any commitments with anyone else before I knew who Ammara Khan was as a printmaker,” the designer explained, once she got a moment to sit down with us in the middle of a busy work hour.

When speaking of her price range, which leans towards high-end, Ammara told us, “Obviously, if you aren’t compromising on quality, details, embellishments, finishing and printing, then the product will automatically place itself in a certain category…I work with executing a design which I’m happy with.”

Explaining her concept of ‘Set Yoursef Apart’, Ammara explained how she didn’t want to combine her categories of floral, geometric and tribal. Each piece had to be purely representative of its theme to stand apart from what we otherwise see. The collection is available online at

Mariam Tahir

The author is Assistant Editor at Something Haute, plus a fashion student who loves reading, traveling, eating and sleeping but manages to find time in between to write.

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