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8 Mar

Animation can’t be done without passion, says Tick Tock producer

There seems to be an increase in number of animated films being produced in Pakistan. From 3 Bahadur to Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor, locally produced animated movies have been successful in pulling a substantial audience to the cinemas.

Joining the list is Tick Tock, the trailer of which was released to mixed reviews. While some had concerns with the quality of animation, many commended the gripping storyline — it’s the first time in Pakistani cinema that the concept of time travel has been used — and the fact that it is a product that’s 100 per cent made in Pakistan.

Curious to know more about the project, we got in touch with the producer, Sana Tauseef.

“Animation can never be done without passion. Luckily I teamed up with those who shared my passion for quality entertainment and adventure for kids. Time travel was an unexplored genre in our industry and we wanted to create something for not just kids but something that our adults could equally enjoy and relate to,” she told Something Haute in an exclusive chat.

Tick Tock producer Sana Tauseef



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“Animation in Pakistan is still in its infancy stage. We have a long way to go. It’s a new trend that is gaining popularity here. We have immense talent amongst us; all we need is to provide the right opportunity and platforms to our creative artists to create the magic. With animation, your creativity has boundless parameters to play with fiction,” she added.

A dearth of local content for children was one of the reasons that pushed Sana towards the project. “For children’s content, we should most importantly keep OUR children in mind. We have our very own culture and values that define us as a nation. You give the right guidance to your children and they’ll promise you a brighter tomorrow.”

Talking about the USP of Tick Tock, she proudly said, “Our concept is the key strength of Tick Tock. The idea was to remind our younger generation about the iconic heroes from Pakistan’s history. It’s the first time someone in Pakistan has introduced the concept of time travel adventure. My entire team has been the greatest strength in bringing Tick Tock together. From director to music producer, our great artists to our technicians everyone has given their best.”

When asked if she’s scared of failing she said,”Failure to me is not trying or believing that one’s perfect. There is always room for learning and improving in every aspect of life. This is how we grow. Tick Tock is an effort for Pakistan. We’ve all learned something in this process.”

The movie is set to release on March 23. Meanwhile, here’s a song from it titled Tick Tock Kahani .


Muna Moini

The author is a Karachi based writer at Something Haute.