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25 Mar

A-Plus upgrades its entertainment value


The number of local television channels that are showing quality content can easily be counted on the fingertips and A-Plus entertainment has definitely been added to our list since we got hooked to its noteworthy shows like Dumpukht- Aatish e Ishq and Faltu Larki, which both had great impactful story lines and highly commendable actors, which include Noman Ijaz and Samiya Mumtaz, along with others. Of course when such renowned names choose to be associated with a TV channel, it says enough about the channel’s content and credibility. Plus, Noman Ijaz has gotten a nomination for Dumpukht, which corroborates the fact even more.

The content of any channel is primarily dependent on its audience (yes, unfortunately that is the main reason crass morning shows still have unbelievable viewership) and keeping their audience in mind, i.e. the modern all-rounder women, A-Plus has recently revamped their brand image, starting with a contemporary eye-catching brand logo to reflect the strength, fluidity and dynamism of today’s Pakistani woman. This further correlates with the channel’s ongoing commitment to offer strong female role models in all of its TV content.
A-Plus channel’s Managing Director Jawad Hanif commented, “A-Plus is completely committed to produce and air TV content which reflects the dynamic way the Pakistani woman faces myriad challenges today with patience, dignity and ease while remaining upbeat and resilient…We want to highlight and celebrate the ‘PLUS’ within each and every woman – mother, daughter, sister and better-half – that inner strength and grace which helps to cement her family and friendships.”

While all channels do aim and claim to entertain women, there aren’t many who do it in a sensible manner. It’s time we move beyond mindless morning shows with their crass hosts, dramas revolving around extra marital affairs or the ‘other woman’, and love stories that are highly unrealistic. Which is why it’s refreshing to see a channel take up that task and deliver high quality content. We have our eyes open for what more A-plus will be bringing us!

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