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31 Mar

In conversation with Asim Jofa about his initiative to manufacture protective medical gear for doctors

It’s not a hidden fact that Pakistan lacks the necessary medical equipment to combat coronavirus on a large scale. While the country struggles to deal with the fear of the disease, fashion designer Asim Jofa is stepping up to help. Asim Jofa, along with his team, is trying to play his part by providing protective medical gear for doctors fighting on the forefront.

In an exclusive Q&A with Something Haute, Asim talked about how he came up with the idea for such a noble initiative using his resources.

“God has blessed me with lots of good things and being a responsible human being and a Pakistani, I felt responsible to give back to society,” he said.



He explained further that it’s a testing time for the world and people who can help should contribute in any way that they can. “I did not want to sit idle at home when I felt I could contribute in this way and Allah has opened avenues for me once I decided to do it,” he added.

He made the announcement via his Instagram that he and his team had developed a prototype within 48 hours.



While talking about the fashion industry’s role around the world in the fight against COVID-19 and how he believes they need to help the country in this dire time, Asim responded: “The fashion industry and retail textile brands are a part of Pakistan’s economic structure and should come forward and do their part.” However, he also added that it’s not just this industry, but all the stakeholders who need to step up and do their part.

Although many brands are struggling to keep up with the loss of sales, Asim is optimistic about the future of Pakistan’s fashion industry.

“Pakistan is a resilient nation; it is true that loss of sales will affect us in the coming months and everyone will feel the brunt of this crises but with time, determination and hard work we will overcome it very soon,” he said.

We’re praying this hopefulness turns into reality once the crisis is averted, but for now, we applaud Asim Jofa’s team for starting such a brilliant initiative.


Eman Lakhany