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13 Mar

Atif Aslam disappoints with ‘Younhi’

Atif Aslam

There aren’t many instances where one can claim that they’ve been disappointed by Atif Aslam. He’s one of the strongest musicians in Pakistan, performs at sold out concerts all over the world, helps out women when they’re being harassed at his concerts and is an over all sweetheart. So it pains us to admit that we don’t love Atif’s new song ‘Younhi‘. In fact, we kind of almost hate it. (Sorry Atif, we still love you though!)

Perhaps it’s because we have really high expectations from the singer, since Atif has delivered hits such as ‘Bheegi Yaadein‘ from his first album, Jal Pari or ‘Humrahi‘ from his second album, Meri Kahani. Even his latest Pepsi anthem ‘Jee Lay Har Pal‘ was extremely catchy so of course we were expecting Atif Aslam to knock it out of the park.

Sadly, that isn’t the case. ‘Younhi‘ is the first song in Atif’s upcoming album. The song has a very old school Atif Aslam vibe, with similar guitar riffs and a healthy display of Atif’s vocal range. However, it’s not a memorable or unique tune.

Also, can we please talk about how the video is a little weird? Apparently, Atif Aslam is having difficulties with his girlfriend (in the video) because she spends too much time with her friends and doesn’t give him enough attention. They have a fight, where she says “You’re such a loner” and Atif basically goes off on a revenge road trip and makes a ton of new friends on the way. He comes back and breaks up with her. Um… ? Is it just us or does this sound very high-school? A video like this would make sense ten years ago but we feel it seems a little childish coming from a mature and seasoned singer.

To sum it up: ‘Younhi‘ won’t be on our playlist.

Watch the video below and see if you agree with us.


Manal Faheem Khan

The author is Contributing Editor at Something Haute who has studied film and journalism from SZABIST. Will be found at the gym if not in the office.

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