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16 Jul

Atif Aslam releases teaser for upcoming song ‘Rafta Rafta’ starring Sajal Aly


Atif Aslam released a teaser for his upcoming song Rafta Rafta and fans are already in love with it. The music video stars Sajal Aly making it a perfect audio and visual treat.

The teaser features Atif Aslam dressed in a black suit and embellished gown and Sajal Aly looking stunning in a flowing red gown. Sitting in a boat, the two fondly gaze into each other’s eyes, while a beautiful tune plays.

Ever since the two powerhouse performers were spotted shooting in northern areas of Pakistan, fans had been eagerly waiting for the song to release. While there is still time for the complete music video to release, the teaser gives the followers something to rejoice and celebrate.

The song appears to be a romantic ballad as the singer promised that it will make listeners ‘experience love like never before’. With Atif’s soulful voice and Sajal’s presence, we’re sure this tune is going to be on everyone’s playlist.



“Experience love like never before!” he wrote earlier in the caption with a poster shot of his song which features him and Sajal at a campsite under a starry night.

Rafta Rafta is directed by Hassam Baloch and produced by Tarun Chaudhary and Omar Ahmed. Following several tributes and remakes, everyone thought Rafta Rafta would be a remake of Mehdi Hassan’s famous tune, however, it seems we will get to hear an Atif Aslam original that we will love!

The song is being released under the Tarish Music label with music and lyrics by Raj Ranjodh.

The music video will be released on July 21.


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