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11 Aug

Baaghi highlights the price a woman pays for dreaming

It’s important to dream, or at least that’s what we’re told in the modern, progressive world we like to think we live in. The reality for most women in Pakistan, especially those living in rural areas, however, is very different as we see (most painfully) in the case of Baaghi. We’re three episodes into the drama serial that essays the life and death of Qandeel Baloch and we see how this young and ambitious girl is curbed and controlled at every single step of her life. Her passions and interests are squelched every single day and she is labeled a loose character just for having dreams beyond the norm of her mohalla's standards. She’s done nothing immoral or dishonourable but...
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8 Aug

Haute Review: Jab Harry Met Sejal

Spoiler: the writer is a Shah Rukh Khan fan so haters can look for Kamaal R Khan's review on YouTube. I’m listening to the soundtrack of Jab Harry Met Sejal on a loop and every song transports me to beautiful Europe; it feels like I’m running with the windmills, dancing like a ‘Butterfly’, blowing in the ‘Hawayein’ and in the ‘Beech Beech Mein’ of all of this there are beats of ‘Radha’ that make this ‘Safar’ ever more enjoyable. I can’t understand what the pseudo intellectual critics (I want to say assholes but resist the urge) who ripped the movie apart expected from it. What was the Raula all about? It’s a classic, feel good Shah Rukh Khan chick flick that features Anushka...
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