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23 Aug

Are women only saints or sinners?

The portrayal of most female characters on television is being either sanctified or demonized to the extent that they no longer connect as nuanced human beings. The women in Asim Abbasi’s Churails were hailed for their feminism but they were also, at the same time, criticized for their ‘shocking’ characterization. Their intoxicated, brazen, foul mouthed ways were looked down upon by many people who dismissed the reasons that actually explained the way they were, thus rejecting them. The way one sees it, these people should be more worried about the portrayal of women on television these days; it’s the average girls next door that are inflicting more damage to women and the ways they should be represented. The more TV dramas I watch,...
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8 Aug

‘Woh Umeed Ki Manzil’ revisits Khwaja Khurshid Anwar’s legacy

At a time when most Pakistani musicians are looking outwards, creating fusion, singing in English or developing sounds and beats that appeal to a global audience, there’s someone who – despite living on the outside – has turned to his roots for a musical evolution. This someone is Rameez Anwar, relatively unknown except for his surname that connects him to the late Khwaja Khurshid Anwar, one of the greatest music composers and lyrical story tellers of the Sub Continent. The legend was Rameez’s grandfather and from that legacy comes his love for old world melodies, Rameez’s newest release being ‘Woh Umeed Ki Manzil,’ featuring the inimitable Zeb Bangash. Having grown up in Texas on a steady diet of western rock, pop and...
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