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27 Nov

L’Oreal Creams: Are they worth it?

Something Haute’s beauty writer reviews the various L’Oreal moisturizers, widely available in Pakistan, that she has used over the years.   By Fatima Khan   I have been obsessed with my skin and hair for as long as I can remember. In fact, I have been obsessed with everyone’s skin and hair all my life. How can it look better? What can we do differently? Why aren’t there any products for the weird, mostly combination skin type most Pakistanis have? Why does my mom have faint coffee-coloured patches on her cheeks, and will I get them too?   So most of my adult life has been spent trial-and-erroring my way through creams and lotions and serums to find the perfect fit. Especially since my early to...
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24 Nov

Mehwish Hayat: What does the ‘cat’ say?

  From TV, theatre, film to music, Mehwish Hayat has done it all and yet it’s ‘Billi’ that propelled her to cinematic stardom.She has signed up for her first drama serial in two years and is ready to release her first pop single anytime. Here's what makes the starlet tick…     You may remember her as the very pretty Priya from Shah Sharabeel’s Bombay Dreams or those whose hearts lie in serious theatre may remember her in Javed Siddiqui’s Aapki Soniya, a sequel to the iconic Tumhari Amrita in which she appeared opposite Sajid Hasan. Mehwish Hayat may have made an impression in Manjali, a TV serial that established her as a serious actress but it was the foot-tapping ‘Billi’ in Na Maloom Afraad...
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7 Nov

Design with a difference

  Sam Abbas   Sam Abbas, with two decades of experience in interior design under her belt, opens a swanky studio in Bath Island.   Samina Abbas, better known as Sam and also as cricketer Zaheer Abbas’s talented wife, took her experience to a quaint villa in Bath Island, magically transforming it into a space that belied its origin. With over 3000 large and little plants lending a human touch to the sharply designed space, it was easy to forget that you were in Pakistan.   With everything laid out so tastefully, Sam Abbas's showroom is nothing short of a work of art. It makes us wonder: if her studio is so impressive then how spectacular must her home...
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12 Oct

How DMPS got lost in translation

  There’s nothing ordinary about Asad ul Haq. From his demeanor to his approach, he’s edgy and left of centre. Then why did Pakistan – the viewer and the critic – expect his debut film, Dekh Magar Pyaar Say, to be a conventional romance or worse, a masala flick?   Asad has been filming ad campaigns for over 20 years; the Don Carlos (black and white) campaign, Telenor (again the black and white campaign) and the impactful HBL campaign featuring Pakistan Cricket Team are just some examples of his multitude of work. “I’m notorious for doing things different,” he explains, providing an easy explanation to the way DMPS is shot. “People come to me when they want to step out of the box.”     For...
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8 Oct

What the LSAs can learn from the Filmfares!

    India’s FilmFare Awards are a tradition more than sixty years old so we don’t expect that level of event management at the Lux Style Awards yet. However, having attended both, there are certain simple things that one has noticed and compared and realized that they could be implemented in Pakistan for a better impression and impact. Here are some simple things that the LSAs can learn from the Filmfares…     First Impression: Red Carpet   The FF floor map was very slick. A red carpet was rolled outside the main show area of the Yash Raj Studio and no one less than a star could step on to it. When I say ‘star’ I mean the film stars and celebrities, not the...
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6 Oct

Why ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’ works

  Jawani Phir Nahi Aani has to be one of the most enjoyable Pakistani movies I’ve ever watched. I would even go as far as saying it’s one of the most enjoyable films I’ve watched, period. I wish I had the time to see it again because it is worth the encore. Is JPNA original?   I wouldn’t go that far. It’s a formula flick featuring three hen pecked friends who find a brief getaway to Bangkok thanks to a cool and successful divorce lawyer/bachelor friend and the rest is predictable. What keeps you at the edge of your seat, or rolling away in mirth, is the film’s characterization and dialogue.   Ahmed Ali Butt is at his comic best. Vasay Chaudhry may not be...
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5 Oct

Something British is brewing in town

  A ten-day ‘Great British Festival’ at Dolmen City Mall marks the strengthening of business and cultural ties between Pakistan and Britain.   The combination of blue, red and white is an indisputable reference to the Union Jack and with the three colours twining through spaces of the Dolmen City Mall, one knew something British was brewing.   Friday evening marked the start of the Great British Festival, a ten-day celebration showcasing British expertise in fashion, retail, music, food, culture and creativity under the UK Government’s ‘Britain is GREAT’ campaign. Emphasis was put on the strengthening security situation in Karachi and the subsequent rise in business opportunities.     The British High Commissioner, Mr Phillip Barton, gave his vote of confidence to the strengthening...
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10 Sep

5 (Manto) minutes with Mahira Khan

mahira khan
Something Haute catches a few minutes with Mahira Khan on what she expects from the latest sensation, Manto.   SH: Manto is very different from your average feature film. What are your hopes from the film?   Mahira Khan: Okay, let me just digress. I saw Shah and I was like, wow man. When someone likes what the story is, or believes in it, or has a lot of heart in it, it's amazing that you see it as an audience, I think. That's what Shah is. You forget that it's a low budget film and that it may not be as beautiful as the others; you see heart and you feel it on the screen. I hope that even though Manto is technically great...
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