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12 May

Fahad Hussayn on Dulha Bhatti and celebs

Fahad Hussayn says that stars bring visibility to shows but they can’t make clothes sell. He elaborates on this and more… Fahad Hussayn is one of the most intriguing designers I’ve known. Half Rajput and half Pathan, he’s someone who comes with a rich family background and yet his aesthetic is developed much beyond rural Punjab. He’s always had a tendency to work around dark, almost Goth themes but his latest work looks brighter.Fahad’s latest show, at Bridal Couture Week in Karachi, featured a very unique collection – Dulha Bhatti – that was inspired by a character who hails from the Pindi Bhattiyan area. Has anyone even heard of it? “I’ve crossed Pindi Bhattiyan hundreds of times and I didn’t know who...
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10 May

Rocking on to royalty

Umair Jaswal, rock star of the new generation, has traded his denim for traditional regalia in Mor Mahal. He talks about his TV and film debut, music and why the music industry needs unification.   Rock stars are rarely human. They’re more often creatures of odd behavior, reckless beings that thrive on rebellion whether it’s sex, drugs and rock n roll, tattered jeans and objectionable t-shirts or general misdemeanor. That’s their appeal. Things are ‘visibly’ more civilized for rock musicians in Pakistan but even then you expect to encounter an uncomfortable level of arrogance and attitude when you walk into a rocker’s zone.   Umair Jaswal’s room, however, smelt like a Hollister outlet. Dressed in fashionably ripped jeans and a serene aqua shirt, white...
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7 May

Layla Chatoor opens studio space

By: Munnazzah Raza   Layla Chatoor took a plunge into the retail world by offering her clientele a space to purchase her prêt collections. She’s been in the business for almost twenty years but launched her flagship studio in Karachi only yesterday, offering a space that features an impressive collection of formals and semi-formals. It’s a limited space but she feels she wants to begin small and then gradually grow. Layla and Salim Chatoor   Lace, chiffon, silk and embellishments dominated her first exhibit and among the array of designs, her bare-shoulder formals and printed silk pants immediately struck the eye. The off-shoulder trend saw a western touch on eastern formals without looking tacky and the silk pants featured large floral patterns. It’s inevitable not to...
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3 May

Mann Mayal Episode 15: The Haute Review

    We’re 15 episodes into Manahil and Salahuddin’s love story and I’m hooked, no doubt, but disappointed at the same time. How, in this day and age, can the writer and director justify that Mannu, a headstrong girl, has settled for a life of compromise with a man who’s not just indifferent to her but despises her and makes no bones about it? Not only does he verbally belittle her but in the last episode he also physically bullied her, pushing her into premature labour. Meanwhile she’s holding an iron caste grudge against Salahuddin and will do anything to hurt him. Sallu on the other hand, is besotted by her and will do anything to help her ease any pain, including...
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27 Apr

E-thinking Fashion Week

  Featuring contemporary and cost-effective clothing, Daraz Fashion Week 2016 made a strong case for instantly available, online fashion.   ‘See-now, buy-now’ is the new fashion mantra, increasingly being tested by brands that realize the need for speed in this cyber-driven-instant-access world. The six-month fashion week lead period is being challenged as consumers are unwilling to wait half a year for a style that goes viral as soon as it is shown on the catwalk and appears old and exhausted by the time it makes it to the stores. Brands like Burberry, Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger are already experimenting with the new format. It’s what Pakistan needed and the Daraz Fashion Week 2016, held in Karachi this Wednesday and making the collections...
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20 Apr

One step forward, two steps back

  Fashion Pakistan Week SS 2016 was a messy cross between a government funded trade show and high-end fashion event. Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2016, held in Karachi last weekend, was an extremely mixed bag.   The three-day showcase proved that FPW16, a platform now in its eighth year, still hasn’t been able to find the structure, stability and standard for it to qualify as an established event. Blame that impression on the daily delays, ugly spaces, designers pulling out at the last minute, others managing only 4-outfit capsule collections, pools of mediocre models and a general lack of oomph. Each day was a confusing mix of high fashion, high street, accessory, textile and students all under one umbrella. This would not work anywhere...
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19 Apr

FPW and the TDAP Connection

    “Pakistan needs to be part of the global fashion chain and this was a great way to put all that on one platform.” – Rabiya Javeri outlines the higher purpose that FPW served.   “We’re not generating millions of dollars at fashion weeks in Pakistan,” Rabiya Javeri, Secretary General TDAP, told me once fashion week concluded. “That formula does not apply here. Pakistan’s huge and dynamic creative industry has to be supported at fashion weeks. We must become part of the global chain. Couture is the highest value item on that global value chain for garments and Pakistan has design identity. Pakistan can easily be part of this chain providing we show the world our handicraft and design and potential. Fashion Week...
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18 Apr

Daraz: Does Pakistan need another fashion week?

  Apparently it does, especially if it’s online, as Daraz Fashion Week 2016 is all set to change the way Pakistan shops for fashion!   “You know what we’re trying to do here?” Mubeen Maayr, CEO Daraz in Pakistan said at the little pre-event press meet held at Café Koel this Thursday. “We’re trying to change the perception of fashion and show how it’s not always elitist and unaffordable.”   Daraz is going to try and take fashion to the masses through Daraz FW 2016 that they have planned for April 20. The ‘first shoppable fashion show in Pakistan’ will be held at the Commune Artist Colony in Karachi and broadcast online, immediately making the collections available to buyers. Fashion Week sales will continue online...
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13 Apr

The Shah Rukh Khan experience – Part 2

  In conversation with SRK…the father, the friend.       Three hours and thirty minutes after Shah Rukh Khan had entered the premises, apologizing for being late, did I manage to finally sit down with him for an exclusive. To his credit, he had cancelled his 9 o’ clock flight and so had more time on his hands. Our conversation, slotted for a quick ten-minutes, continued beyond the allotted time despite his publicist constantly gesturing him to cut it short. Here’s an extract of the tête-à-tête, which became deliciously informal as we moved away from harsh lights of TV cameras, and found a quiet space to speak about things closest to his heart…   Aamna Haider Isani: The way you manage to take out time for...
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