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3 Oct

Mausam misses the mark

It’s difficult to resist a hero in uniform. Make him a fighter pilot and his charisma will multifold to dynamite. Memory throws a thought back to Flight Lieutenant Arun Varma (1969) in Aradhana, a film that etched 27-year old Rajesh Khanna’s tilt of the head as his trademark. The uniform reminds one of Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh - Shah Rukh Khan – as an icon imprinted in romantic memory. And can one ever forget Squadron Leader Shekhar Malhotra (Shashi Kapoor), the man with the killer smile, whose air crash in Silsila (1981) took the heart sinking with it? Take any fighter pilot from the history of cinema and you’ll be left with a swoon and a smile. That is what...
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30 Sep

Dou Rukh: two sides of the same picture

In this constant pursuit to keep photography alive as an art (as opposed to a commercial exercise alone), Karachi's ace photographers Arif Mahmood and Tapu Javeri launched a book of interesting portraits at the IVSAA today. The book titled 'Dou Rukh' captured many of Pakistan's high profile faces from a vast cross section of fashion, television, humanity and arts. Mathira, photographed by Arid Mahmood The portraits were undoubtedly striking, as expected from two of the most experienced names from the field, but it was the event itself that was just as delightful. Warm albeit breezy, the IVSAA courtyard lit up to welcome a diverse gathering of interesting people, including many of whom had been photographed for the book. A...
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28 Sep

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Sikander at his mother's Cafe Flo during the launch of Tapulicious. The temptation to put this picture up on my blog was too much to resist, though I admit I should ideally have waited for some more information. Oh hogwash! What more do you need to know than the fact the Sikander - Nur Jehan's grandson, Florence Rizvi's son and Sonya Jehan's brother (he must be cringing at this hijacking of his own identity: sorry Sikander!) - is finally ready to open his cafe for business in Karachi. With food in his lineage and style in his DNA he cannot go wrong! Xander's Cafe will be inaugurating sometime in the next two weeks and it will be kicking...
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27 Sep

PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week announce dates

Lahore top design duo, Nickie Nina will predictably open fashion week on October 20. The Pakistan Fashion Design Council has announced confirmed dates for the upcoming PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week. The four day trade event will be held (as per tradition) in Karachi between October 20 and 23. The event has been announced as a precursor to Spring/Summer 2012 but several designers have confirmed that they will be showcasing their Autumn/Winter 2011 collections, releasing the designs in their stores within a month. With runway shows in the evenings and exhibitions organized simultaneously, the fashion week will also continue to offer textile corporations a platform. Names like Gul Ahmad, Al Karam etc will showcase their Autumn/Winter fabric collections...
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26 Sep

Social networks or new weapons of destruction!

Some Like it Haute The urgency to stay online is a writer’s driving force to madness. The irony is that for all the information put out there, we actually know less about what is happening. With Tapu Javeri, fellow Tweeter, exchanging notes and the use of Instagram You’d think all this technology would help make our life simpler. You’d think, right? But the reality of the situation couldn’t be further from the truth. One Lux Style Awards ceremony that took place last Saturday sent my brain into spin cycle and it has been churning ever since. One event should have been pretty simple to cover; it was quite simple back in 2003 when I attended the LSAs for the...
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25 Sep

Ten years and counting

At their tenth anniversary there was an appreciation that the Lux Style Awards have come a long way but also an apprehension regarding which path they’ll be taking now. Mathira has the moves and she got Bootylicious at the LSAs. An event that was launched a decade ago to acknowledge excellence in Pakistan celebrated its tenth anniversary in a manner that did not quite justify the aplomb of the occasion. The tenth annual Lux Style Awards certainly had more moments than the show has had in the past three years but it did not out-do the magnificence of Malaysia (2007), as was expected and hoped for. The evening rode entirely on the shoulders of the BNN (Banana News Network)...
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18 Sep

Meera rehearses with Pappu Samrat Meera with Ahsan Khan at the Lux Style Awards The movement of this medley was too fast to capture neatly, though I'm sure fellow Tweeter Tapu Javeri got the perfect pictures. The costumes in this sequence were hideous but the moves were groovy. Look out for the Mathira number in the actual ceremony. I totally regret not capturing it on camera but I guess it's for the best!  ...
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