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3 Nov

Khadijah Shah does bridals with elan

          Khadijah Shah is one of the most popular bridal designers in Lahore, for good reason. Her office has stopped taking orders for bridals that require delivery before March. That means the next five months are locked, blocked and booked for Khadijah Shah who has her hands full and therefore no time to think of fashion shows. She says it's unlikely she'll be showing at PFDC's inaugural bridal week (being organized in collaboration with beauty giants L'Oreal) this December. But that won't cause a dent in her business, that is obviously flourishing with or without extra publicity. Shah's work speaks for itself, her forte being the classic and traditional line she sketches. This recent image from her bridal atelier...
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2 Nov

Less flash for fashion

The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week collaborated with TDAP to execute an event better geared for business From the Khaadi Khaas look book: the newspaper print trussed up as a full skirt Last week the Pakistan Fashion and Design Council hosted their spring/summer edition of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) in Karachi as has now become tradition. The council hosts autumn/winter collections in March (Lahore) and spring/summer in Karachi (October). Two years and four fashion weeks old, aging with confidence, this fashion week exhibited maturity that comes only with consistency, commitment and strong leadership. The fact that much of the week’s oomph was sacrificed to accommodate stability was merely part of the growing up process. The developments at hand were...
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26 Oct

FAO: Pantene and Style 360

 The W in BCW is weakening a brilliant platform Moammar Rana and Nadia presented the finale for Nilofer Shahid at the first edition of BCW First of all I can't call a two-day event a ‘week’. Two days, when falling on a Saturday and Sunday (or otherwise, depending upon where you live) can safely be referred to as ‘weekend’. Second, I refuse to call a fashion event managed by a TV channel ‘fashion week’ at all. Fashion weeks are trade events organized and coordinated by fashion councils, thereby assisting the fashion industry to grow. There HAS to be council involvement; that’s exactly what councils are here for. So to solve the Style 360 and Bridal Couture Week conundrum,...
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25 Oct

Xander’s Cafe is open!

Xander's first foodies on Oct 24: Ammar, Aaminah and Hamza with man of the hour, Sikander or as they call him in France Ale'XANDER'. It was by total coincidence that Zeba Husain mentioned, on the last day of fashion week, that Xander's was opening tomorrow (Sunday) and we need to catch up over lunch. It was a totally last minute thing that I decided to take mother to Ensemble, knowing at the back of my mind that Xander's was beckoning too. It was! Walked in, to be joined within minutes by Ammar Belal, Aaminah Haq and Hamza Tarrar, who beat me to being the 'first official customers' by ordering first. Must say Aaminah's Eggs Benedict looked absolutely yum...
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24 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Three

Adnan Pardesy took muslin and made magic [youtube=] Adnan Pardesy:the AIFD graduate who can easily be labeled as fashion’s new King of Couture created a dream out of muslin. Adnan’s philosophy is to showcase couture that can be diffused into ready to wear and if I weren’t wearing a diffused piece, I may have never understood how. Every piece in this fabulous colour blocked collection had condensed yard upon yard of fabric to create the three dimensional detailing that the designer is known for. Adnan certainly is a fashion force to look out for! PIFD graduate Batur's brave collection took a departure from folklore Batur: PIFD graduate Batur’s rebellious aesthetic may not go down well with...
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23 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Two

[youtube=] The second day of the fourth chapter of PSFW was higher on energy and buzz. The Sunsilk lounge was bustling with fashionistas and I must add that it was a great idea to offer picture souvenirs to those who were photographed against what I like to call the 'Wall of Fame'. Nickie Nina's underwater collection  Nickie Nina: Act One opened with an underwater collection by Nickie Nina. It was a departure from the luxury couture that they usually create and some of the pieces were struggling to stay afloat. That said, it was encouraging to see the design duo experiment with their work. NN have a huge following in Lahore and any influence they can have on getting...
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21 Oct

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day One

Fashion week took off on a dignified, progressive note where the fashion was concerned. Akif's finale, a tribute to the basant festival Maria B: This has got to be Maria's best collection so far. It was commercially safe and a bit limited in lower options but the sleek tunics more than made up. Hemlines went up a bit, came into asymmetrical lines and shapes remained loose and practical. Zonia: The young PIFD student showcased an extended version of her graduate collection. Well detailed and fluid in colours. Zaheer Abbas: Certainly an evolved collection, this homage to Roman statues had movement and fluidity. Embellishment was retrained and ornamental, whereas the choice of fabric and colour palette is where the designer played...
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16 Oct

Fashion Week Wish List

Tapu Javeri sitting on a customized chair in the Casa Hamza VIP Lounge at the very first PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in Lahore. Should have appreciated a good thing while it lasted! Fashion week is coming up, yet again. And life would be so much more pleasurable if the following 'perks' were made available at local fashion weeks, hence making the long working hours a little less stressful...
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16 Oct

“I’m deeply impressed by what I have seen and want to take Pakistani designers to the world stage arena.”

 - Australian fashion consultant Margaret Rushe Farrell talks about liaising between Australia, Europe and Pakistan. Fashion consultant Margaret Rushe “We came here with no expectations at all,” Margaret Rushe Farrell, the Australian consultant visiting Karachi Fashion Week told me over a sun-dappled lunch at Café Koel. Monday afternoon was the first meal the buyers were allowed outside of the hotel, as KFW’s neck-break schedule had them tied down to the venue for four days. “I am so deeply impressed by what I have seen,” she continued. “I want to take Pakistani designers to the world stage arena. I want to show the world that Pakistan is not about guns and fighting but also about fashion. It should be a...
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