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5 May

The business of fashion gets bigger, better!

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Weeks puts up the best possible face of Pakistani fashion. Maheen Kardar contextualizes the National Elections with fashion, a statement that has sold out as soon as it hit the stores! I'm posting the full review, which was condensed for Dawn due to space restrictions. The published version of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week overview (Dawn Images, May 5 2013) can be read here ...
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1 May

Pakistan’s Retail Therapy

This is the unedited version of the story that appeared in Hindustan Times on April 29, 2013. You can read the published version here The first Sana Safinaz Store at Dolmen City Mall, Karachi has been drawing in crowds. Like high-end boutiques anywhere in the world, only 15 ladies are allowed in at a time. Photo courtesy Salima Feerasta It’s been little over a decade since an organized fashion industry emerged in Pakistan, five years since the first fashion week unrolled it’s catwalks to buyers and the media. The industry is barely adolescent but fashion has snowballed beyond imagination despite the odds, which are many. You would think that establishing a fashion industry in Pakistan would be as difficult...
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29 Apr

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day Three

Day Three at PSFW started with the strongest collection Rizwan Beyg has done since his Carnivale showing almost a decade ago. And it was an unfair disadvantage for everyone following. How do you follow that? Rizwan Beyg Truck art was redefined like never before, created by artisans in rural areas, and the entire collection was manufactured 'ethically'. The images were so powerful and so inherently Pakistani. This was a show only someone with Rizwan Beyg's confidence could have put out. It was visually splendid. Nothing on Day 3 could impress after it. I don't know why I don't have a visual for Zonia Anwaar on my iPad but I will be updating as soon as the official pictures come...
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28 Apr

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day Two

The day started with a very insightful lunch hosted by the PFDC Council for the foreign media, fashion consultants and the buyers. It threw light on many of the activities and much of the business that the council is managing to activate for the benefit of the designers. But more on that later. Day 2 at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was not as impressive as the first. Shehla Chatoor's luxury pret Showing for the first time in Lahore, Shehla Chatoor took the risk of showing a luxurious western collection as opposed to the bridal couture that she is popular here for. But the combination of  Romanesque prints with high end silhouettes, the gold and leather detailing was...
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27 Apr

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week: Day One

It was such a buzzing evening. There was a delightful vibe to the venue. If I had to describe Day One of PSFW in one word, I would say ELECTRIC. And if I was given another two words, I would say Unnecessarily Late. The collections, however, went from one strength to another. Good, solid content is what any fashion week is about and after six seasons, one is delighted to report that PFDC is getting closer and closer to design-retail synergy and perfection. Sadaf Malaterre's capsule for Tapu Javeri prints and bags. Tapu Javeri had given four of his fun and quirky Karachi-centric prints to four different designers. I feel Sadaf Malaterre and Wardah Saleem nailed the capsules with...
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22 Apr

You know a model has had one nip/tuck too many when…

While waiting for Catwalk to send me official pictures of Sanam Chaudhri and Maheen Karim’s official Bonanza launch (which was originally my blog post), I got sidetracked and decided to blog about fashion models instead. Long limbed Amna Ilyas has the attitude, the tone and the poise of a fashion model, without the nips and tucks.  Photo: Faisal Farooqui Everyone has a personal top ten model list and most designers prefer to work with their muses but I've been talking to photographers recently. And they aren’t too happy with what’s happening. What’s happening, people, is way too much plastic surgery! A model with glorious dimples actually got them grafted when she was 16. Another one changed her jawline to look more...
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17 Apr

The ‘highway’ to high street

How several well placed collaborations have the potential to diversify an elitist face of fashion. (Published in Dawn Images, April 7 2013) They say we’re a poor nation full of very rich people. You could say the same for fashion. For the longest time Pakistan’s fashion industry has been a poor and disorganised place full of very wealthy individuals. For years designers have been content with buttering their bread with bridals, which have paid for exotic vacations, luxury lifestyles and high-end personal wardrobes. Rarely have Pakistan’s ‘successful’ labels actually invested in the expansion of their own brands. Khaadi, Sania Maskatiya, Amir Adnan, Maria B and Karma are amongst the few exceptions that have managed to balance commerce with critical acclaim. Sana Safinaz and...
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11 Apr

FPW Summer 2013 2.1/2

2.1/2 means this is the first half of Day Two and before I start my two bit reviews, can I just say that it was CRIMINAL that we had to sit through the good and mostly bad and ugly of a delayed show that ended at 12:30. It was stressful and completely unprofessional. Someone said this was FPW's 5th season but given the lack of discipline in timing it could very well have been their first. Over to the shows...
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