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14 Aug

14 patriotic songs that made the nation proud

About almost 70 years ago, one man, one dream, and a united front lead to an inception of a country budding with hope; a nation, named Pakistan. With a message of ‘Unity, Faith, and Discipline, the nation persevered through the worse that has been thrown at us, only to look towards the future with hopeful eyes.  To celebrate exactly this spirit, which makes us unique, Something Haute looks at the top 14 patriotic songs of the years gone by. ‘Hum Laey Hain’  – 1956 Penned as the first patriotic song of the nation in 1956, ‘Hum Laey Hain’ by Saleem Raza resonates with any citizen of the country who thinks about the countless sacrifices made to make Pakistan a reality. From its emotional message...
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