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5 Sep

Authorities initiate beach cleanup after Shaniera Akram’s tweets

Days after Shaniera Akram took to Twitter to bring attention to the wretched condition of the Clifton Beach in Karachi, authorities have risen to the occasion, starting a cleanup drive to rid the beach of toxic waste.

Head of the Akram Foundation, Shaniera rallied for a shutdown of the beach after she encountered used syringes, vials full of blood samples, and other bio-hazardous waste at the Clifton Beach. She said that she’s a regular visitor of the strip of beach known as Sea View, and the condition was alarming. Kilometers of toxic waste had been dumped at the coastline, stretching from Chunky Monkey all the way to the Salt’n Pepper Village Restaurant.



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Declaring an unofficial emergency situation at the beach, she shared images and videos from the beach, alerting the public to avoid the coast and not try to clean it up themselves. She also urged relevant authorities to step up and clean the garbage as soon as possible, and the beach is in fact being cleaned up on urgent basis. Senior officials from the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC), DHA and the Sindh Police rushed to the beach in an effort to rid it of the hazardous waste.



However, that’s clearly not enough, and Shaniera is rallying for the authorities to make sure that the message is spread to the public, and the beach is shut down for an indefinite amount of time; or at least till the situation is completely under control and they’re sure that it’s completely clean.



Here’s hoping that her tweets are taken seriously once again and the cleanup proves to be a successful one for the long term.


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