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29 Jan

Ayeza Khan becomes Pakistan’s most followed celebrity on Instagram

Earlier actors were known for their craft and the success of their dramas and films projected their true fan following. Today, in a world influenced by the power of social media, who has the highest number of followers has become another basis to judge one’s popularity. Ayeza Khan has become the most followed Pakistani celebrity on Instagram leaving Aiman Khan behind.

The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor, who joined the drama industry in 2011, has now become the first Pakistani celebrity to acquire 8 million followers on Instagram. Aiman is not far behind with 7.9 million followers.

Ayeza took this opportunity to thank her followers for all the love and support, adding that she’s worked really hard to achieve everything that she has today.

“Thank you guys so much for the love and respect! It is exciting to have such a huge number of followers on here. But I must say that, the only reason I am able to celebrate this today is because I know how hard I worked to achieve whatever I have on this day. But I wanna say one thing. I never focused my work and life towards getting a bigger number of followers. It never works in the long run,” she wrote.



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The mother of two also added her mother’s advice and the recipe for success.

“My mother has always taught me that it’s important to work hard and build your legacy, and be patient. When you have those all the good stuff comes without you knowing.”

Despite having a huge following, the influencer knows that numbers do not guarantee long term success.

“Growing number of followers don’t guarantee a long term success if you’re hollow from the inside. There is a reason why someone with a few thousand followers on Instagram can have more influence on people than someone with tens of millions of followers. Please don’t be that fool that runs after numbers.”

We hope Ayeza Khan handles her social media power responsibly by utilizing this strong platform to reach a wider audience.


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