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16 Feb

‘Ban on Pakistan is not the focus, its destruction is’: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

India is leaving no stone unturned in accusing Pakistan for the recent Pulwama attack. Along with the Indian government and politicians, now the Bollywood industry has started jingoistic propaganda. Kangana Ranuant, who is well-known for her cynicism, has also thrown baseless accusations at Pakistan.

In an interview with Indian publication Pinkvilla, Kangana said, “Pakistan has not only violated our nation’s security, [but] they have also attacked our dignity by openly threatening and humiliating us. We need to take decisive actions or else our silence will be misunderstood for our cowardice. Bharat is bleeding today.”

“Killing of our sons is like a dagger in our gut, anyone who lectures about non-violence and peace at this time should be painted black, put on a donkey and slapped by everyone on the streets,” she added.

In solidarity with the martyred soldiers, Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi cancelled their forthcoming visit to Karachi. However, Kangana Ranaut was not impressed by Shabana’s gesture and launched a scathing attack on her as well.

“People like Shabana Azmi calling for halt on cultural exchange; they are the ones who promote Bharat Tere Tukde Honge gangs… why did they organise an event in Karachi in the first place when Pakistani artistes have been banned after Uri attacks? And now they are trying to save face?” Kangana said.

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Kangana Ranaut


Kangana believes that Indian film industry is “full of such anti-nationals who boost enemies’ morals in many ways, but right now is the time to focus on decisive actions… Pakistan ban is not the focus, Pakistan destruction is,” she added.

In a recent interaction with Indian website, Shabana responded to Kangana’s remarks and said, “You really think at a time like this a personal attack on me can be of any significance when the entire country stands as one in our grief and in condemning this dastardly Pulwama attack? May God bless her [Kangana].”


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