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17 Apr

Bilal Abbas exclusive: how he prepared to perform Abdullah in Pyar Ke Sadqay, his on-screen chemistry with Yumna Zaidi & a lot more

Bilal Abbas Khan

Bilal Abbas Khan is undoubtedly the heartthrob of the nation and after giving stellar performances in Balaa and Cheekh, no one including Bilal, expected to win our hearts with a character like Abdullah in Pyar Ke Sadqay. However, Abdullah and Mahjabeen (played by Bilal and Yumna Zaidi respectively) have blown us over with their on-screen chemistry, cute banter and emotional scenes.

Team Something Haute finally caught up with Bilal whose routine is quite disturbed due to lockdown. The actor spoke at length about how he prepared for the role. Here are some interesting answers:


How did he prepare for the role of Abdullah?


“Initially, I was very hesitant to sign Pyar Ke Sadqay. The script felt like a dark comedy; I had just done two intense plays like Balaa and Cheekh so I was looking for a light-hearted story. I had doubts that Abdullah’s character may look like a caricature or mentally challenged which he is not. I had my reservations but then I found out that Farooq Rind is directing it and Yumna is playing Mahjabeen. I met with Yumna and we discussed the script and then I decided to join,” Bilal said.

“But even on the first day when we were about to perform, I told Yumna that I will perform with all my conviction but I don’t think I can putt it off. I still can’t believe I have done this,” he added.


Did they improvise during the scenes?


“The whole drama is based on improvisations,” Bilal jokingly said adding, “This is the best part about acting with refined actors like Atiqa Odho, Omair Rana, Yumna etc. Everyone in our team was so dedicated and we performed with conviction. It was like we were living the story so it naturally comes out on screen as well. While performing with Yumna, I was always on my toes and similar was the case with her. Either one of us could do something new and we had to be on alert to react and act immediately so it was an amazing experience.”


Will Pyar Ke Sadqay turn into a sob story?


“It won’t go into a sexual assault track or too extremity because that would be on another level. But yes, you can expect a few teary moments and emotional scenes. I guess it is bound to happen in any love story however, Abdullah and Mahjabeen’s cuteness and romance will continue,” he said.


Tell us something about your next project?


“I was about to start work on my next project which is with the same team that worked on Cheekh and Balaa. The genre of the play is somewhat similar but at the same time, it is very different from Cheekh. The genre is murder mystery and thriller but I am not playing a negative role. The play features Noman Ejaz, Aamina Sheikh and Sana Javed. I was supposed to start shooting for it in mid of March; let’s hope we resume work soon,” he said.

Watch the complete interview to find out when Bilal is going to sign his next film and much more:



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