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5 Aug

Bilal Ashraf and Nadeem Baig have got us swaying to ‘Doston’

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf Khan starrer, Superstar, is arguably one of the most highly anticipated movies this year and for good reason. From the teasers, to the trailer and the songs, the movie looks promising, however the last song release, Dharak Bharak, that featured Bilal Ashraf in a Bollywood-esque look garnered a lot of criticism.

Following Dharak Bharak, is Doston, which is a fun, jazzy number, also centered around Bilal Ashraf who, this time, is joined by veteran actor, Nadeem Baig. It was important for the Superstar team to redeem themselves following the criticism that Dharak Bharak received and that’s exactly what they’ve done!



The video transports us to the world of theatrics where Nadeem Baig pulls the strings as he sings along to the lyrics by Shakeel Sohail that preach the ideology of life. Mustafa Zahid and Mustahsan Khan lend their vocals for the two actors and needless to say, their deep voices compliment Nadeem and Bilal perfectly.



The composition by Azaan Sami Khan and Saad Sultan is the perfect amount of jazz and spunk; no wonder everyone in the video seems to be having the time of their life, even Bilal Ashraf who otherwise is called out on his stiff expressions and moves time and time again. His leading lady, Mahira Khan also makes an appearance towards the end, looking every bit as gorgeous as one would expect of her in a classic black sari and red roses in her hair.  The two waltz around the set looking like a dream, almost straight out of an old school production.

Overall, the song has a happy-go-lucky vibe to it that we love and appreciate. With every other song these days following cookie cutter formula to ensure a hit, this one stands out and not like a sore thumb! Watch it here:



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