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29 Jul

Bilal Ashraf steps out of his comfort zone in ‘Dharak Bharak’

There’s no denying the hint of ‘Malhari’ (Bajirao Mastani, 2015) in the audio and the touch of ‘Tattad Tattad’ (Ramleela, 2013) in the visual but despite the inspiration and the odds, ‘Dharak Bharak’ from upcoming film Superstar has the legs and Bilal Ashraf has the bravado to stand on his own two feet. Song and dance does not come to us as easily as it does to India (and to Ranveer Singh especially) and dancing shirtless does not come as naturally to our actors as it does to Salman Khan but one has to stand up and applaud when an actor works against the odds and puts himself out there, out of his comfort zone.

That is precisely what Bilal Ashraf has managed to do here. In a brief conversation, he shares that it took him a year to build his body for the role and for going shirtless in this song in particular. One remembers Bilal getting even more ripped for his role in Yalghaar but what we see is restrained body building here; muscles that are meant to look good on screen, not under army uniform with heavy ammunition in hand.


Bilal Ashraf flaunting his abs


‘Dharak Bharak’ is the latest song to come from Superstar and unlike the previous singles off the film’s OST, this one revolves around Bilal (as opposed to Mahira Khan) with a fun and colourful guest appearance from Kubra Khan, who has natural rhythm on the dance floor. Composed by Azaan Sami Khan, sung by Shiraz Uppal and Raktima Mukherjee and choreographed by the super talented Nigah jee, ‘Dharak Bharak’ appears to put Bilal’s character, Sameer Khan, in a film-setting in which he’s shooting with his co-star. Flanked by dozens of dancers/extras (who are actually more distracting than complimentary), the dance number probably introduces his character to the audience.



Ace choreographer, Nigah jee showing the moves to Bilal


It’s not a bad song, especially if you’re just listening to the audio, but even in the video – which isn’t the most dynamic – I’d give credit to Bilal for putting himself out there. The set, with its graffiti and fancy props, is kind of cool, and one is intrigued by the film’s art direction, amongst other things.

  • Superstar, starring Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf in lead roles, releases this Eid ul Azha.


Watch the song here…



Aamna Haider Isani

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