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12 Aug

Bilal Saeed celebrates love with ‘Qubool’ featuring Saba Qamar


Saba Qamar’s directorial debut in the form of Bilal Saeed’s upcoming music video — Qubool — has been in the line of fire prior to its release due to a shoot in Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore. However, the video is out now and the team has carefully omitted the scenes featuring the mosque from the final cut.

Qubool is a melodious number depicting Saba and Bilal as a couple who have been married for a year and the wife is now suspecting her husband’s loyalty because he is constantly on the phone. The husband is intentionally avoiding calls in front of his wife or talking behind her back. The music video portrays the wife’s distrust, jealousy and doubt in a beautiful way as the lyrics narrate feelings from both partners.

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Qubool is a song about falling in love and learning to agree to disagree for life. It depicts that it doesn’t matter whether you have been together for a year or for decades, you have to cherish the bond each day, celebrate love and life and find reasons to smile with your partner.

Bilal Saeed’s soulful vocals combined with Saba’s acting and impressive directorial skills have made this video more promising. Watch the video here:

Earlier, a short clip of Saba whirling with Bilal in the historic mosque went viral on social media. This drew strong reactions from religious circles as well as from people on Twitter. Both Saba and Bilal posted public apologies on social media and clarified their stance. They apologized for hurting public sentiments unintentionally and promised that they will not use the shots from the mosque in the video.


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