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10 Jan

Bisconni Music is transforming the music scene in Pakistan

Music is a universal language and is known to unite the world. In times like these when we are going through a global pandemic, there’s nothing more comforting than the power of good music that helps us escape into a world free from all sorts of disorders. For Pakistan, music has always been the most powerful medium of expression and original melodies remain our strength.

Our local music industry is packed with talent that has contributed to the growth and birth of musical platforms every year. The latest addition to the list of music platforms is Bisconni Music which aims to offer something new and exclusive. In fact, Bisconni is the first local confectionary company to be exploring and experimenting with a musical showcase.

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Developed as the first Pakistani company to bring ‘The New Wave’, the stage aims to empower and allow artists creative freedom. The songs featured on this platform are original compositions by fresh talent as well as renowned musicians. So far, the show has released two unique episodes over the last two weeks.



Ranging from well-known faces and established musicians such as Ahmed Jahanzeb and Haroon Shahid to emerging ones such as Ali Tariq, Sinan Fazwani, and Natasha Humera Ejaz the platform has displayed a huge variety till now. Each artist was given the creative freedom to write and compose the songs that they always wanted to share, which resulted in a great show altogether.



The second episode’s biggest highlight were  Sajid and Zeeshan; the electro-rock duo from Peshawar who have been composing and releasing their own unique music for more than 14 years now. While they are not new in the field and many music lovers already know them, Bisconni Music surely gave them a bigger platform to make them and their beautiful song Keep Moving available for a wider audience.



Mirage- The band which includes Saad Hayat and the lead vocal Rehan Nazim also gave a powerful performance to their catchy, foot-tapping tune of Chalta Jaoon making the episode a total delight.

While the stage remains simple, the creative element and the original compositions by the talented lineup remains the major feature of the platform. The show is an exhibition of a diverse range of music performed by various artists from all over Pakistan; from Punjabi to English songs and genres of Sufi rock and pop, the music produced offers something for everyone.

Bisconni Music also features drummers like Gumby, Ahad Nayani, Ajay Harii, Kami Paul, and guitarists like Mohsin Raza Shah and Shane Kerr who play a crucial role in making the show a success.

Hamid Ismail, the director of Ismail Industries has indeed pushed forward an encouraging initiative for the music industry of the country. Congratulations Bisconni Music for successfully promoting original music.

All episodes of the show can be viewed here



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