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8 Mar

Bonanza Satrangi celebrates empowered women who dare to dream big

Bonanza Satrangi

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, it’s time to celebrate all the amazing women in our lives. The day is all about encouraging people to look around and actively choose good role models. Bonanza Satrangi has taken an initiative this Women’s Day to help us out and highlight women who are stories of resilience, empowerment and success. The campaign is a celebration of the achievements of these women influencers and how they are maintaining the balance of life.

Through this campaign, Bonanza Satrangi aims to challenge a lot of pre-conceived notions about women. It will challenge stereotypes, fight bias and broaden perceptions whilst celebrating these female high achievers. So all the women out there, if you need a reminder of just how powerful you are, here are a few women who inspire us to be a better version of ourselves each day.


Areeba Siddiqui – Artist



Areeba Siddiqui, an artist by profession, is someone who unabashedly presents our society in her art. She believes in #Iamsatrangi and paints her thoughts in various colors with pride. The young artists’ work is for those who dare to be different and she doesn’t shy away from it. Areeba’s life and work help those around her come out of their hiding spaces and embrace their reality. As a Bonanza Satrangi woman, Areeba is all set to show young girls that dream do turn into reality.


Eman Khan – Kickboxer



Many of you won’t know this but Pakistani women love sports and are athletic. Here’s Eman Khan for you, a kickboxer from Pakistan. Many eyebrows must have raised when a young girl must have expressed that she wanted to become a kickboxer and pursue it as a career, but Eman didn’t budge and with her strong resolve, achieved what she always wanted. A quick look at her Instagram will show you how passionate she is about her goals and yet she has a personal life full of fun, laughter and travel proving #Iamsatrangi. As a Bonanza Satrangi woman, she is all we want our aspiring athletes to be!


Zenith Irfan – Biker



Who doesn’t remember the name Zenith Irfan in Pakistan? She is the embodiment of women empowerment for she single-handedly took off on a bike and became the Pakistan’s first female motorcyclist to ride across Pakistan. Indeed she believes #Iamsatrangi, it was her father’s dream to travel around the world on his motorbike, but he passed away at a young age of 34. Zenith decided to fulfill his dream and make it her own; she calls it her ‘spiritual endeavor’. Another Bonanza Satrangi woman who shows us how dreams can take you places!


Zarnak Sidhwa – Chef



Pakistanis  love food and women are supposed to be good at cooking naturally! Well… that’s not the case. Chef Zarnak Sidhwa learnt the culinary art and mastered it with sheer hard work, passion and now she is a success story. The woman who is adored by millions of people in Pakistan as well as worldwide is an expert in many kinds of cuisines. She belongs to the Parsi community and is testament of #Iamsatrangi as she has achieved all this on her own. Zarnak is a Bonanza Satrangi woman who we all admire!


Maliha Rehman – Fashion Journalist



Maliha Rehman, a fashion journalist, has been writing about local and international fashion circuit for quite some time. Through her writings, she has informed and educated masses about Pakistani fashion and how its continuously evolving. She dabbles in colors and patterns, cuts and silhouettes and hence #Iamsatrangi defines her. Being a Bonanza Satrangi woman, she has inspired countless others to join the profession.

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