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19 Feb

Box Office Review: ‘Black Panther’ devours Pakistani films

Box Office

If there’s one unpredictable thing about Pakistani cinema amidst all its successes and failures, it’s the box office collection. Despite the film being a hit, we’ve seen the revenue speak a different language, whereas, even the most critiqued films end up earning massively. This week, the latter happened once again.

According to independent box office websites and sources, despite receiving a lukewarm response from the critics, animated film Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor managed to keep its footing at the box office with an overall collection of PKR 4 Crores. In comparison, Maan Jao Na – which also received major flak from the critics but not as bad as the former – tanked massively with a total collection of PKR 1.75 Crores.

While both films still have a moderate to a low number of screens allocated to them, the numbers have dwindled to a point where this week may become their last week of screening, according to sources. The move also comes at a point where Marvel’s Black Panther has released in Pakistani cinemas to great response and a collection of more than PKR 2 Crores over the weekend, already!

In such a situation, it is inevitable that the local films will see a sudden or total drop in earnings and may call it a day. However, given the unpredictability of Pakistani cinema – and the banning of films – there’s a chance that AYATLOM and Maan Jao Na may hold on by the skin of their teeth!

What will happen next at the box office? Time will tell…


  • Disclaimer: All numbers and figures in the article have been provided by independent box office websites and Something Haute holds no responsibility for any discrepancy.


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