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19 Jul

Box Office Review: The calm before the storm!

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As another week at the box office comes to a close, it might prove to be the last lull before a major storm as two big films are all set to clash with each other on Friday.

Competing head-to-head, Bollywood’s Dhadak, which sees the debut of Ishan Khatter and Jahnvi Kapoor and Ahsan Rahim’s directorial Teefa in Trouble, starring Maya Ali and Ali Zafar are rearing to go and face each other head-on.

According to box office predictions and screen allocations at cinemas, however, throughout Pakistan, Teefa in Trouble currently does have a ratio of 3 screens to 1 against any other film and thus, does have a better chance with fans in Pakistan. At the current rate, box office gurus, therefore, predict a strong business for the Ali Zafar film.

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That being said, Dhadak may also stand a strong chance against Teefa, simply due to the sheer popularity of the late Sridevi, whose daughter Jahnvi Kapoor, is making her debut in the film. Given the affection Sridevi held in the Subcontinent, the film might as well have that as its USP. However, according to cine-gurus, this doesn’t guarantee a direct-hit formula, yet.

Apart from the competition by Dhadak, at the current moment, Teefa faces a direct threat from Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju, which has crossed it’s third week at the Pakistani box office and is still going mighty strong with collections of more than PKR 34 Crore during its run!

What exactly is about to go down? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Keep checking this space for more box office updates!


  • Disclaimer: All numbers and figures in the article have been provided by independent box office websites and Something Haute holds no responsibility for any discrepancy.

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