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31 Jul

Brite is on a mission to make everything right with their latest message – ‘Brite sab right kardega!’

Brite has consistently put out advertisements that have a strong recall value, and they’re back with a new campaign that is just as catchy and memorable.

The latest TVC aims to promote the message that whenever you need something to make things right for you, Brite is your answer. The advertisement furthers the idea that home chores don’t always have to be miserable, they can be made fun too, and Brite’s the right way to do that!

With an interactive, fun approach, the TVC features the young and popular, Ushna Shah. Since the campaign is targeted at younger audiences, Ushna brings just the right spunk to it, bringing a fresh, happy new look to the brand.



The visual appeal of the advertisement is top notch, delivering great production quality and catchy music in tandem with strategic dialogues and a fresh celebrity face to add value. The marketing approach is on point as well, making sure to cater to the audience’s emotional needs, all the while communicating the functionality of the product as well.

After a long while, it seems like the FMCG sector is gaining its footing back and advertising the right way. With this latest ad campaign, it is safe to say that Brite is well on its way to re-position its brand image and stand out in the laundry detergent category in the FMCG industry.

Watch the TVC here:


Brite Sab Right Kardega!

It;s great to see a detergent ad targeting a younger female audience! A completely new take on house chores, Brite is using an excellent emotive appeal approach to attract newer audiences. Kudos to Team Brite for an excellent job done! #BriteSabRightKardega

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