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7 Jan

Burns Road will now be a traffic-free food street for Karachiites to enjoy

Food has always been the highlight in every Karachiites life. Nowhere to go? Let’s just head out and get something to eat. And when it comes to food that Karachi is known for, it is almost impossible to not mention the famous Burns Road.

Dil Bahar Dahi Baray, Malik Nihari, Waheed Kebab, Delhi Rabri and Cafe Lazeez, are some of the oldest food outlets which are located there. In fact, most of these places are decades old and serve the most delicious desi foods that the city has to offer.

Good news is that Burns Road will become traffic-free from January 10th under an initiative from the Sindh government so pedestrians can enjoy their food without the needless pollution and chaos.



According to the traffic strategy shared by the deputy commissioner South through a notification, Shahra-e-Liaqat would be blocked for the flow of traffic from Fresco to Court Road after 7:00 pm. However, residents of that area will be granted stickers as proof of vehicle parking, the district administration announced.

The new food street will start from Fresco Chowk and go all the way to Fatima Jinnah Women’s College. People visiting the food street will be provided with hassle-free valet parking services and in case of emergencies, a special route will also be devised for an exit.


Staff Reporter