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25 Nov

Cannoli by Cafe Soul opens its doors in Lahore

Lahore has a new addition to its fast growing list of upscale restaurants, and this one offers a purely Italian experience for those who identify as  connoisseurs of the finest cuisine around the world; Cannoli by Cafe Soul opened its doors in Lahore on Saturday.

If you’re stuck in a rut and are looking for a place that can provide a unique experience to tantalize your senses enough to make you feel better about the day and yourself in general, Cannoli is the place. This isn’t just because of the food they serve, which is all specialty based, but also because of the ambiance they provide, thanks to the contemporary structure of the cafe.


The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, specially desserts like Cannolis.


The restaurant boasts of a specialty-filled menu that includes the restaurant staples like char-grilled burgers and pasta, as well as a separate menu that has you covered on the health front; yes exquisitely healthy meals at a world class eatery in the heart of Lahore on Boulevard 57. If that isn’t ideal for today’s go-getters, we don’t know what is.


Shaan Shahid and Frieha Altaf at the launch of Cannoli in Lahore.


To add to its appeal as an up and coming restaurant in the saturated market, the chefs that are a part of the whole setup at Cannoli have undergone training from Italian cooks in Italy, lending them an expertise in Italian cuisine that few other can match. The proof of their craft is apparent through pastries originating from the Island of Sicily, adding flavor to the South-East Asian dining experience.

The restaurant opened up in Lahore at Boulevard 57 on Saturday and is now serving to customers. Make your way to Cannoli by Cafe Soul and share your experiences!


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