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22 Apr

Paint my nails a shade of summer!

Technically I'm a fashion blogger but fashion and beauty are joint at the hip so it was only a matter of time before I picked up the pen to blog on beauty too. Thanks to the pile-up of fashion weeks in the last one month, many complimentary beauty products came my way for sampling. And truthfully, they have inspired me to write. Here are the nail lacquers to begin with...
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21 Mar

Nabila’s two-headed twins

As you can see I am taking a break from my writing (not that all my stories have been submitted) but I needed a breather and for me this is it. Nabila's show on Sunday came as a welcome detraction from the wretched Pakistan v India cricket match. Not only did I get to see many of my fashionable friends but the evening also provided a wake up call for creative consciousness. Many, in fact most of us, tend to go down the commercial route and forget that creativity is key to excellence. Nabila gave us that wake-up call as she shook people out of their comfort zones with this brilliant rendition of L'Oreal Professionnel's Spring/Summer 2012 campaign, Somptueux.  Colours...
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5 Dec

So who’s showing at the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week?

Ali Xeeshan is one of the names to look forward to at the upcoming PLBW. It is quite a mouthful, I agree. But the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week will launch as Pakistan's first council-endorsed therefore credible bridal fashion week in Pakistan. The implications of this title are huge, given that bridals constitute the most lucrative segment of Pakistan's fashion industry. To a Pakistani designer, bridals are what oil is to the Arabs. Bridals lubricate fashion's finances, if not trends and we are about to see them recognized and regularized at PLBW (that's my self coined hashtag for the PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week until Lotus comes up with a better abbreviation). Other than pump up the purse,...
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18 Nov

Toni&Guy gets behind the bridal

Ayyan all dressed up in a Tazeen Hasan bridal. Fashion has come full circle with bridals, but now they come with a twist and truck loads of professionalism. Instead of operating from studios, bridal designers are now prepping up for showing bridal collections at the PFDC and L'Oreal Couture Week next month. Moreover, they are collaborating with corporations and salons to establish a sync that can only take bridal fashion further. And so, stepping onto the bridal bandwagon designers Tazeen Hasan and Ahmed Bham collaborated with Toni&Guy to launch the Bride & Groom Services Lounge at the salon better known for cutting edge hair treatments. Ahmed Bahm steps out of reclusion to claim his credit It...
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26 Oct

FAO: Pantene and Style 360

 The W in BCW is weakening a brilliant platform Moammar Rana and Nadia presented the finale for Nilofer Shahid at the first edition of BCW First of all I can't call a two-day event a ‘week’. Two days, when falling on a Saturday and Sunday (or otherwise, depending upon where you live) can safely be referred to as ‘weekend’. Second, I refuse to call a fashion event managed by a TV channel ‘fashion week’ at all. Fashion weeks are trade events organized and coordinated by fashion councils, thereby assisting the fashion industry to grow. There HAS to be council involvement; that’s exactly what councils are here for. So to solve the Style 360 and Bridal Couture Week conundrum,...
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25 Sep

Ten years and counting

At their tenth anniversary there was an appreciation that the Lux Style Awards have come a long way but also an apprehension regarding which path they’ll be taking now. Mathira has the moves and she got Bootylicious at the LSAs. An event that was launched a decade ago to acknowledge excellence in Pakistan celebrated its tenth anniversary in a manner that did not quite justify the aplomb of the occasion. The tenth annual Lux Style Awards certainly had more moments than the show has had in the past three years but it did not out-do the magnificence of Malaysia (2007), as was expected and hoped for. The evening rode entirely on the shoulders of the BNN (Banana News Network)...
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10 Apr

Is the beauty of fashion week skin deep?

Sublime by Sara Shahid: Pakistani fashion in co-existence with different elements of society The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week held last week looked better than ever but without a concrete business model it remains to be a flash of beauty at best. Out of the twenty-five collections shown at PFDC & Sunsilk Fashion Week, an impressive twenty plus added either elements of handcrafted couture, well-defined trends in street wear or high voltage drama to the value of Pakistani fashion. As that value was emitted out to the world via the media – local and international that included Telegraph, Times London, IANS and Elle India – it built recognition for this country’s fashion industry as it has never known before. Recognition,...
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5 Dec

The Styling of Bridal Couture Week

The best thing about BCW styling was that all three days were assigned to three different hair and makeup artists. Depilex styled day one, Khawar Riaz the next and Tony & Guy the last. But if that was the best thing then the Shahzad Raza style segment, pushed into the schedule by sponsors (of which the stylist is brand ambassador), was undoubtedly the worst. Brides of Dracula? Ather Shahzad models were designed to boast the stylist’s skills in hair flair but what they presented were different ways to wear wigs, hair extensions, add-ons etc. None of the styling was natural, which is what it should have been and the models ended up looking like brides of Dracula. The...
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